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Innovation project manager, entrepreneur, IP officer, nutritionist with biotechnology and food technology education and experience. With profound presentation and communication skills, I am easy to communicate, critical and pragmatic always striving for the best overall outcome with given resources.

Project Management

Take advantage of resources and emerging opportunities, respond effectively to resistance and barriers and make a more efficient use of your time, energy, and resources

Innovation & strategy

Generate more ideas and suggestions, make more efficient use of your time, energy & resources. Improve the quality and quantity of innovation within your business

Content marketing

Develop a specific target audience with the ultimate goal of creating true customer engagement. Change and enhance your customer’s behavior toward your company



January 2017 -
Innovation Project Manager,

Developed high-impact strategies to target new business opportunities and markets. Successfully supervised the overall activity of three ongoing projects:
• EU project Clikis Network: Climate friendly kitchen in schools: Lead project manager for Croatia, including 14 schools in Croatia
• EU project Dynamic: Croatian partner to the University of J.Dobrila Pula in 3D printing and dual education in food industry
• International project: owner and lead: Healthy Meal Standard nutrition category management system (HMS.NQMS) ( innovated the business process, applied and protected as EU certification and warranty mark, successfully applied the system to 26 institutions that hold 41 certificates to date
• Event manager for NutriComm conference (, where I connected more than 200 high professionals.

October 2015 - December 2020
Healthy Meal Association

Organized and led projects that promote, regulate and implement food standards for groups with special nutritional needs and habits. Developed partnerships with professional and scientific institutions in the field of nutrition in Croatia. Created food labeling educational manuals aimed at resolving food labeling problems for meals offered in public places.

July 2015 - December 2018
Owner and CEO,
Sparkle Ltd

Created a strategy for digital marketing that improved search traffic to Facebook by 83%. Created nutrition strategies and developed content marketing for F&B clients. Held educational workshops for management staff in the field of marketing of food products, content management and R&D with a 93% satisfaction rate.

August 2014 - July 2015
Nutrition Consultant,
Pragmatekh Consultancy Ltd|

Created consulting services in the field of food science for clinics, F&B and pharmaceutical companies.: trough content marketing increased the quality and visibility of their products and service. Become a close cooperator with mainstream media (TV, radio, press) in Adriatic region, with more than 30 live statements, more than 50 press releases.

May 2013 - May 2014
Clinical Dietitian,
University Hospital Center Zagreb

Organized, promoted, lead and motivated medical staff, patients, and families to participate in educational activities on HD department. Undergo extensive scientific research in the nutrition of HD and PD patients and after only five months became a part of an expert medical team for Nephrology. Co-author of book for medical staff and patients "Nutrition for kidney patients being treated by hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis".

October 2011 - July 2012
Head of Centre for Food Culture,
Biotechnicon Ltd

Created nutritional education workshops presentations for top-level company executives in the field of nutrition. Educated patient groups and medical teams in Croatian Hospitals in the field of nutrition science.

January 2011 - October 2011
60/40+ Manager,
Nestlé Adriatic

Part of the team for Product Development and Introduction strategies,
wherewith SBU support successfully renovated three KPI Ice Creams according to
NHW propositions. Conducted several 60/40+ research activities (consumer
research, sensory and nutritional analysis).

January 2011 - October 2011
Market Nutritionist ,
Nestlé Adriatic

Defined and implemented the Food NHW strategy for Adriatic region, verified and approved EMLDFs, artworks and cooperated in introducing Nestlé Nutritional Compass to several products. Part of the team in launching new products, where I co-created nutrition communication strategies for Confectionery, Culinary, Coffee and Ice cream (Belgrade) products. Conducted NQ training for Adriatic region and special NQ training for Confectionery dept.

July 2010 - January 2011
Assistant in Confectionary department,
Nestlé Adriatic

Assistant in creating a marketing plan, campaigns, budgets in SAP. Assisting for artwork design, POSMs, EMLDFs and supporting marketing actions and nutrition communication. Participated in the development of the Nestle Dessert web.

April 2010 - July 2010
Assistant in Nestlé Professional department,
Nestlé Adriatic

Updated F&B database of key clients for Nestlé Adriatic region.

September 2009 - April 2010
Junior Nutrition Consultant,
Policlinics of otorinolaringology, anaesthesiology and general surgery Orlando

As a part of medical team, created nutrition protocols for endocrine diseases
medical team with the purpose of personalized nutrition.

My skill set is constantly evolving.

Fraction of my skills is listed below

F&B consulting
Quality management
Project management

Professional awards and honors I've reached.

Please find here some of the awards I was awarded

Mediterranean Tourism Foundation award 2017
Healthy Meal Standard and Diana Gluhak Spajić are awarded for contributing to health tourism Award was given by HE president of Malta, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca
UniCredit Foundation 2015
Healthy Meal Standard is awarded for the best year project and social entrepreneurship
* Video inauguration “Best Design” in Italy.
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I had a pleasure working with Diana, during my employment as Adriatic Regional Brand Manager for Ice Creams. Mrs. Gluhak was highly operative and skilled professional, delivering her projects and tasks on time and with required quality. During challenging times of preparing Ice Creams season, Diana was a great source of support and impressed our whole team with her accomplishments. I hope I will have an opportunity to work with her again in future, as over our work, we have connected in both professional and personal level. 

Marina Matekovic
Marketing and communication manager at BASF

Diana is an trustfull and highly competent person. I have spent many years in the same Company with her, and I would cooperate with her in any project. Highly skilled Nutricionist (despite her age). Trustfull professional, fast thinking & adapting to any business field or requirement, much wider than nutricionism. Highly communicative with strong presentation skills, able to deliver any business objective in any business field. Delivers what she promises.

Miljenko Fakleš
CEO Alter Modus Adriatic

Diana brings the business savviness in nutrition, and is passionate about everything she does. I’ve had the pleasure to work with her in the last couple of years on several innovative projects she initiated. One of the latest projects on which we worked closely was the conference on nutrition and technology called Nutricomm, where I moderated a panel on tech innovations in food and health sector. At Nutricomm, she managed to organize a diverse group of subject matter experts and professionals in promoting healthier living and bring nutrition industry, its technologies and innovations closer to hundreds of attendees. Above all, I was impressed with Diana’s passion to bring healthy nutrition closer to children. And, of course, her open-minded and benevolent nature. Diana would be a true asset for any team, and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Kristian Ravić
Expert advisor at the Mayor's office, City of Zagreb

It was a pleasure to work with Diana. Her professionalism and willing to achieve goals were contagious! She is very knowledgeable, responsible, and easy to work with, I would recommend everyone cooperation with Diana, not just because of her professionalism, but it is also very easy and a great fun!

Igor Strmečki
Pragmatic Digital Transformer at Pragmatekh Ltd

I worked with Diana at Nestle where she was in charge for Nutrition. Her deep understanding of the science behind quality nutrition and strong will to implement and drive things foreward made her an excellent specialist. Highly reccomend collaborating with Diana! 

Miljenko Vaić
Supervisory Board Member at pIK d.d. Rijeka

Working with Diana at Nestlé Adriatic was an utmost positive experience. She was in charge of implementing NHW strategies, and for Coffee dept. that meant collaboration from artworks to the launching of a new product at the time. Diana is a nutrition expert, who quickly evolved beyond her formal education to fit into a demanding management position at her young age. It was a valuable experience working with her since she has good communication skills and quality perception of project planning. I recommend Diana as a skilled professional and manager

Renata Matusinović
BEO Food at Nestle SEM; Business Executive Officer Food at Nestle South East Market


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